Art Director / Creative Director

Valentine's Day



Over the years we noticed that the realest of couples celebrate the most saccharin of holidays with a trip to Wingstop. To let our true loves know the feeling was mutual we launched a campaign aimed at our diehards. 

First we recorded a spicy wing-centric hotline as an homage to the 1-900 numbers of yore. The bass saturated, velvet wrapped voice of our host lead listeners through various menu choices like vocal mouth warm-ups, a personal stash of sultry tracks to set the mood and of course, a simple way to place an order.


We also created Valentine's Day kits that would ship and arrive before the big day, available on our online store. They contained a gift card (equalling the price of the kit), a gold box, Wingstop tissue, some punny cards, and everything you would need to create a chicken wing bouquet (including illustrated instructions). We produced over 1,000 thinking we MIGHT sell them all. To our shock they all sold out immediately and people were desperate to get their hands on one. Increasing traffic to the online store in one week by 100X what it was the entire previous year.