Art Director / Creative Director




When I was working on the brand, Secret's tagline was "Fearlessness. Apply Daily." And to embody that idea we led initiatives like "Let Her Jump" which aimed to help women get the ability to compete in the 2014  Olympics for ski jump. Which until then nonsensically omitted women from that competition. 

Then we sponsored Diana Nyad, a 61 year old long distance swimmer in her attempt to swim from Florida to Cuba. She didn't complete the first two attempts but after years of training and trying she absolutely made it.


Separate from inspirational athletes we also launched a campaign called Mean Stinks. It was an anti-bullying initiative mostly on Facebook in the form of an app (remember Facebook apps?). Our client at the time (who is still my favorite client) said she had some extra online media and wanted us to try and make something in-house. We settled on the idea below. I drew the characters and a coworker animated them. It was intended to work without words, and as low-fi as it is, was my favorite piece for awhile.


Not everything we made was as serious and occasionally we were just trying to talk product attributes. So we teamed up with Rhett and Link to create some online videos for a product called Outlast. We created Lefty and Righty and let Jenni Pulos, from Bravo, scare women in Beverly Hills while bestowing the benefits of Secret Outlast.